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Are classes for beginners or experienced boxers?

The PEP Fitness/Boxing class is for everyone. I have light weights to very heavy weights for everyone to choose from. All of the exercises can be modified  and everyone is encouraged to take it at their own pace. My trainers are true professionals that will guide you through the rounds of boxing starting from the easier 1-2 punch combos to a little more challenging 6 punch combos. No fears Champ, we’re in your corner. 

What do i need to view or stream live video?

You can stream anywhere using a Phone, Tablet or Computer. It is best to have a camera accessible if you want to participate in a private class, however it is not required.

What equipment do i need to work from home?

If possible it would be great if you had “Hand Wraps” , “Bag Gloves” , “Heavy Bag” such as the “TenCount” 80 lbs. or 100 lbs. BLUE TOOTH Heavy bag which is a great tool to track our progress or a “Double End Bag” you can hang in your house. For supplies approved by me (Tony Pep) please visit my Fan Club on

How does pricing work for coaches on

Each teacher on the network may charge a different private class price to accommodate clients, please respect each teachers’ pricing due to their availability and experience!

1 Token = $ 0.25 cents

Voyeur Classes
1 Minute = $ 0.25 cents

Group Classes
1 Minute = $ 0.50 cents

Private 1 on 1 
1 Minute = $1.00 – $5.00