Pep Drop In Intro

I want to make your first boxing experience a positive one. The PEP INTRO is a complimentary small group private session that will focus on the 6 commonly used punches and what to expect in a PEP fitness class. The introduction is taught by a PEP instructor within the Private Training Suite for up to 5 People maximum.

The Focus:
• the jab (1), the straight (2), front hook (3), back hook (4), front uppercut (5) and back uppercut (6)
• boxing stance for orthodox/south paw
• throwing basic/intro combinations.
• Q & A

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Most frequent questions and answers. Classes are available online or in person please e-mail me for details.

Are classes for beginners or experienced boxers?

The PEP Fitness/Boxing class is for everyone. I have light weights to very heavy weights for everyone to choose from. All of the exercises can be modified  and everyone is encouraged to take it at their own pace. My trainers are true professionals that will guide you through the rounds of boxing starting from the easier 1-2 punch combos to a little more challenging 6 punch combos. No fears Champ, we’re in your corner. 

Can i work out from home?

Yes all online classes can be taken from home or any where in the world. Just check the online schedule for available times

What should I wear? Shoes? Gloves? Wraps?

Come in your most comfortable gear but get ready to sweat in it.

SHOES? Wear your most comfortable training kicks. 

GLOVES? Due to COVID 19 we ask that all students provide their own gloves.

WRAPS? Wraps are mandatory to wear under your gloves. This is to protect your knuckles and wrists upon impact with the bag. For hygienic purposes, everyone must wear their own wraps.

Do I need water

You might get thirsty during those 10 rounds in the Pep Class. We have a filtered water bottle filling station in the studio for you to refill your bottle. If you forgot your bottle at home we have water bottles available for you too ($3).

How do I schedule an appointment

You can schedule an appointment online just log in or create an account and goto the teacher you wish to schedule with and enter thier bio page and make your request. Once the teacher confirms your class you will be sent an e-mail confimration.